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Introducing ‘Being 1 Me’

Do you ever feel like you are lost in a world of 'other' ME's? 'Sibling ME', 'Work ME', 'Parent ME', 'Pleasing ME', 'Dutiful ME', 'Compliant ME', 'Keep the Peace ME' etc?

We try to be so many different ME's including a ME that others think we should be, that we can end up being 'Lost ME'! When we are not our 'True ME' we are in danger of losing our real identity - and when all of the other ME's are no longer required we can discover that our 'True ME' is hard to find.

Being 1 Me is about being our Authentic True Self. This Web Site and our other interactive online sites is a way for those interested in 'Being 1 Me' to get info, keep in touch & share experiences.

Being 1 Me runs events, programmes and other activities that are specifically designed to help you to engage with your 'True ME' in everyday life, whatever role you are taking on at any one time. We also provide useful information, tips and guidance on our Web Site, Blog posts, Facebook page and Linked In group.

Helping you to Be Yourself

The Being 1 Me project & programme was created by The OPAL Foundation with the aim of aiding all to re-connect with their True Authentic Being.

You can find out more about OPAL (which stands for Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life) by visiting the OPAL Web Site, Blog or Facebook page

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Being 1 Me was launched on 01st March 2015 and is quite a unique concept. How often have you thought ‘I just want to be ME’? - Well, now you can, every second of every day! Being 1 Me will show you how.

- Ray James , Being1Me Creative Director