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Your True Being

Welcome to Being 1 Me

The Being 1 Me project was developed to promote the benefits of being our true authentic self.  We have created a range of techniques, processes and initiatives to help you to re-discover your unique individual self and to live an authentic lifestyle that fits with who you really are.

We often get distracted from ‘Being ME’ by all the things that we engage with and that are happening around us in our everyday lives.  Being 1 Me can assist you to develop your focus and connection with your true Being and to live in harmony with life - whatever life brings.

Feel free to contact us for further information if you do not find what you are looking for on our Web Site.

A unique concept to help you to

re-discover your True Authentic Self!

“How can we be true to others if we are not true to our own Being.” - Ray James, Creative Director at Being 1 Me

The Being 1 Me project was developed and is delivered by The OPAL Foundation.  You can find out more about OPAL (which stands for Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life) by visiting their Web Site, Blog  or Facebook Page

About the Being 1 Me project

Change happens all around us all of the time. Consider the seasons in nature - a natural and ongoing change.  All change has its purpose, so be open to change and embrace it. Ray James Being 1 Me.

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